Mary Spalding

I’m Mary Spalding, and I am by profession an interior designer. But that means much more to me than just designing rooms.

I’m wildly passionate about giving people the opportunity to live a high-quality life. It doesn’t matter if you live in a two-bedroom condo in Birmingham, a beachfront home on the Cape, or a downtown loft in Nashville, what you bring into your home should tell a story and reflect who you are—and not be just another thing.

After graduating from Parsons in Paris, I spent the next 30 years — first with acclaimed designer William Hamilton and then on my own overseeing countless home revitalizations, renovations, and restorations. I later opened my own shop, Spalding Antiques and Interiors. As an antiques dealer, I fell in love with exploration and sourcing the finest pieces from around the world. I specialized in 16th, 17th, and 18th-century European antiques, though for me it wasn’t just about how beautiful they were.

It was the thrill of discovering one-of-a-kind, quality pieces and delighting my clients and customers.

When I closed my brick and mortar store in 2008, I knew in my heart that I was leaving a sign on the door that said “Back Soon.” I just wasn’t sure what it would be or how I would continue my journey as a designer. So in 2013 I started my online store, Spalding Antiques, on 1st Dibs. From there, was born, a website that both acts as a front door to my online store and provides me a place to share what inspires me. And because I can’t abandon my first love, I still find myself working as a consultant and a designer to a few select clients.

It’s here on Spalding Way that I’m continuing to discover and share my very favorite things, only this time it’s not just limited to antiques. From products to personalities, from fashion to food, from interiors to the journey inward, join me on my continued exploration of life well lived. Learn more about my personal story here.

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