The Basics of Upholstery

Upholstery is hard. A lot of my writing on this site is about explaining the basics of design. I like to think that I can tell you the right questions to ask yourself, give you a few pieces of advice, and send you out to make great design decisions. But with upholstery? If you’ll pardon

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4 Considerations for Great Kitchen Cabinets

Of the hundreds of rooms I’ve designed over the years, I have to say that kitchens are my favorite. I’ve already covered designing the perfect floorplan, so now it’s time for the fun stuff. The kitchen is a room that blends fun, family, and function, and it’s also the room that puts storage front-and-center — which

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How to Define Your Design Style

For the sake of having an intelligent discussion about interior design, you should have a handle on the exact name of your design style. Here’s a list, with quick definitions. Rustic. You live in a barn. Industrial. You live in a factory. Modern. You live in a plastic factory. Traditional. You loved your grandmother. French

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