5 Reasons You Need a Rug

You need a rug. When you are designing a room, they are as necessary as windows. You may have the most beautiful hardwood floors ever created, or hand-painted Italian floor tiles, or an acre of glossy travertine, but you’ll still probably want a rug. In all my years designing, I can only think of a

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Your Guide to a Perfect Bed and Bath

When all the parties are done, it’s nice to just sit back and relax. Sometimes, that means not even venturing into the living areas of the house, except for some brief browsing in the kitchen. I love some serious time in what some people call “the master suite,” but I just call “my room.” I’ve

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Decorating a New Year

When a new year rolls around, you can choose how to celebrate it. You can celebrate a joyous new beginning, or you can be sad about another year slipping away. You can make plans for an exciting future, or you can lament the things you didn’t get around to doing. Me? I redecorate my life.

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