Decorating with Red: Not Just for the Holidays

It’s a little cold out to be thinking about hot fudge sundaes, but I want you to picture one in your mind right now. The ingredients themselves are tasty but not particularly pretty: goopy brown fudge sauce, beige chopped peanuts, and ice cream that’s so… well, vanilla. But one little addition — that maraschino cherry

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5 Great Antique Gifts

We celebrate old friends and timeless traditions every Christmas, but somehow we always end up putting new things under the tree. I’m of the opinion (and not just because they are one of my passions) that antiques make more thoughtful, better made, and more lasting gifts than whatever this season’s gewgaw happens to be. If

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Shopping Local in Nashville

Nashville’s growing, and the town is full of “New People” who are amazed at all our area has to offer. They’re usually pretty quick to find our great restaurants, but it’s often easier for them to shop at stores they know from the towns they just ran away from. Well, our local shops are full

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