Cool Blues Bring Comfort to Your Décor


It’s hot, y’all. Crazy hot. Melting the sidewalks hot. Hot enough that Sammy and Lily don’t want to go outside for anything necessary, much less for a walk. I can’t blame them.

When it’s this hot, everything just seems to stop. No one’s shopping. No one’s meeting for coffee, even iced coffee. No one is throwing parties — especially not on the patio — because all the guests would arrive grumpy with their hair flat from the heat. Parties are about refreshing the spirit, but there aren’t enough frozen margaritas in the world to refresh folks right now.


At times like this, my home is my castle, and I’m fighting off the invading armies with two weapons — air conditioning, and the color blue.

Blue, of course, is the color we all think of when we say “cool.” Icebergs look blue to us, even though they’re mostly white. We color the inside of swimming pools blue because it makes them seem refreshing. Look at a beautiful blue sky through a window, and you’re likely to think it’s cooler outside than it actually is. By that theory, adding it to your décor can cool your whole house down.


I think the key is to do blue in unexpected ways; it’s best done when it feels natural, textured, and not forced. In my home, I tend to bring blue in with ceramics. This is fairly easy to do, since so much fine china and tile is historically colored in those hues. The surface — almost icy smooth — also is cool to the touch, and just setting your eyes on a piece of blue porcelain can trick you into thinking you’re cooler than you are.

The place I use blue the most is in my kitchen. My cabinets are blue (and they hold lots of blue plates), and my refrigerator is hidden behind matching blue doors for a little bit of cool behind the cool. But my range — a massive Lacanche — is also blue, and it puts out plenty of heat when dinner’s on the stove. Still, when the kitchen is the hottest room in the house, the blue makes it feel cooler — refreshing even, depending on what beverage I’ve just gotten out of that fridge.


Beyond cool, blue is soothing, peaceful, and calming. And I’m going to need plenty of that, at least until the heat wave breaks.


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