3 Indulgent Experiences for Christmas


I’m on a bit of a downsizing binge at the moment, which means I’m doing my best not to bring anything into my house that I don't absolutely love. It’s a tough battle, because part of my job is to shop for things that other people will love, and sometimes I just can’t help myself.

So the last thing I should do is ask for things this holiday season. I want to keep calm and make memories, and so my wish list is built around that.


Mii Amo Spa in Sedona is one of the most beautiful resorts and the perfect place for a getaway.

  1. A week at a spa.

I am in love with Mii Amo in Sedona. It’s the nicest spa I’ve ever been to, and I’m dying to go back. I love the setting way back in a sandstone canyon, and I love the spa food there. I also love that if I get tired of the spa food, I can just walk right over the sister resort, Enchantment, for some amazing food.


My new favorite restaurant in Nashville is Bourbon Steak and it is the perfect place for a nice night out.

  1. A night at my favorite restaurant.

Chef Michael Mina just opened Bourbon Steak here in Nashville, and did it on the 34th floor of the new JW Marriott. The views are amazing, the food is to die for, and I just love the atmosphere of the place. It’s one of those restaurants that I knew would be a favorite the moment I walked in.

Palermo is my favorite line of skin care products. It's the perfect thing to soak away the holiday stress.

  1. A night in (my bath).

Palermo is a line of natural skin care products made in New York, and I want to soak away in some of their bath salts. I do love good bath products, but they are surprisingly hard to find — so many care more about the way they smell than the way they feel. Yes, I realize this is a physical object that will clutter my home, but with my holiday stress levels I’ll bathe my way out of it in no time.

What experiences are on your wish list this holiday?

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