A Holiday Break


If you’ve been following this blog lately, you know that I’ve been very concerned with downsizing. Like many of you, I had too much going on in my life, and I’ve done my best to take a rational approach to dealing with it.

Sometimes, though, life intrudes, and I’ve had a massive project land in my lap. It’s not something that I can talk about right now, but it’s something that’s going to be taking up a lot of my time for the next few months — never mind all those holiday parties I want to attend.So, at least until the New Year, I’ll be taking some time away from my writing.

I love every interaction I have on this website, and I’m not giving it up. When I’m back early next year, I’ll give you all a peek into this project, and share with you all that I’ve learned on the way.

Happy Holidays! See you real soon!


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