Downsizing in Action


It’s time to downsize.

I’ve talked quite a bit about downsizing in the past year, though I didn’t think it was an itch I was going to scratch. But on a whim, Michael and I decided to put our house on the market and we very quickly got an offer. We’re moving soon and we can't wait to share our gorgeous new space with you.

Unfortunately, we won’t be moving into either of those amazing homes I toured in the last few weeks, since we’re being very serious about downsizing.

I’ve always been someone who loves change, and I think of myself as leading an impromptu life. My needs and wants are very different than they were when Michael and I built our home 15 years ago. Selling this home and moving some place new gives me the chance to find the perfect next step for Michael and me — and Sammy and Lily, of course.

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Consider how your life has changed since you moved into your current home. When you think about how much is different, you might realize that you’re holding on to a whole lot of stuff that is quite unnecessary at this point. It might be a good time to go through some of the clutter and start to minimize the amount of excess. Hold on to things that bring good memories or that still spark joy for you (I’m very into this whole Marie Kondo thing) and get rid of the rest.

But if you’re getting rid of any moving boxes, we sure could use some. Especially ones that hold china.

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  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to follow you on this journey and see your downsizing in progress. I know your new home will be just as gorgeous and fabulous ! Motivation is what my husband and I need to downsize and getting rid of things I love too. much. You will be a “BIG” inspiration to me and many others. Thank you, Lynn

  • As you know I have downsized a couple of times. The first time I went through and said, “If it’s not fine, it’s not mine!” The second time I needed homes for the fine that wasn’t moving with me and it is satisfying to see my old treasures in friends and families homes. I must warn you about the enviable box or drawer. The one with all the memories—-nothing of tangible value only priceless memories. You know the kinds of things, the candid photo a friend sent, the thank you note as no other, the card you received when you lost a pet, the old high school charm bracelet, the frat pin, the program from your best friend’s funeral. You know the drawer or the box. It will stop you in your downsizing tracks, I suggest fixing a cup of tea or pouring a glass of wine, you will be there awhile no matter how urgent it is for you to get on with it…..

    • Nan, you are so right. It is easy to go through the kitchen cabinets and throw away the tupperware but that “drawer”, which we all have, is the hardest and will stop you in your tracks. Maybe I need a post of how to do this. Can you teach me???

    • They are happy but a little confused about the move. Thanks for reading and following Sammy and Lily.

  • We had to move from Nashville to Miami and downsize our 3,000 sq ft Brentwood home into a 1,620 sq ft. High rise condo in Miami. The downsize was good. It taught us what we really need to live and what we really love. Traveling lighter feels better. Liz Jenkins of A Fresh Space in Franklin is a Marie Kondo ninja and an expert in downsizing for folks with excellent taste who have accumulated collections of beautiful things over the years. She helped us greatly!

    • I agree, it does feel good. Thanks for the information on Liz Jenkins. I will look her up. Enjoy Miami and thanks for reading.

  • Mary,
    So glad you and Michael shared your home with your Georgia Chi O sisters before downsizing. It was and is lovely and so glad I got to share such a beautiful space with you, Michael, Sammy and lily. Such fun memories and I look forward to your next home. Take a break though and enjoy your rental property with no worries of home ownership. Yahoo!!! Look forward to seeing you in August.